Drive safer this winter

drive safe this winter with lessian motors of ilkley

Often overlooked, a crucial part of driving in adverse weather conditions is to make sure your car is mechanically sound and able to function safely.

At Lessian motors we want to help you through the winter motoring months by highlighting the most common failure points on a vehicle, and the basic steps you can take to keep you and your car safe in bad weather.

Snow and ice

Preparation is key in snow and icy conditions. Remember to clear ice and snow from the windscreen, windows, lights and mirrors, by using de-icer or warm water. In addition, any snow on the roof or bonnet should be cleared. Don’t forget to ensure all your lights work and never leave your car unattended when de-frosting!

Winter tyres are a distinct advantage in snowy conditions, and also offer better performance than standard tyres throughout the winter months on cold and wet roads.

Floods and heavy rain

Visibility is key so ensure your wipers and windscreen washers function as they should. Always check your brakes once you are clear of flooded roads to ensure they work correctly, and if you do breakdown in water – do not attempt to restart the engine and try to keep doors, windows and your bonnet closed, to minimise the amount of water entering the vehicle and engine.

For any further information on our winter preparation services, or advice on repairs if you have had a winter mishap, please contact us today, we’ll be happy to help!

Stay safe this winter – with Lessian Motors

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